Visteo is a Sydney headquartered, Australian owned technology company that helps businesses adopt disruptive technologies to advance innovation and increases agility.

Our core developmental and consulting offerings help businesses move rapidly from ideas to practical solutions, to enable them to realize value from data assets, accelerate software delivery and further enhance service delivery for their customers and stakeholders.

Since 2007 we have built strong relationships and globally delivered services across a cross-section of client verticals such as Financial Services, Retail, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, Healthcare, diversified Services serving SME’s, government and larger enterprises.

A growing team of 100+ with cross technological & multi-domain expertise that has delivered 280+ projects, across a diverse clientele in 15+ countries.

Manoj Mirchandani

20+ years expertise in technology development and solution architecture across Enterprise data & analytics, Web 2.0, IoT. He is a keen proponent for Web 3.0 that encompasses Blockchain, Machine Learning, DLT & AI with its transformational potential

Chandra Iyer

17+ years experience in financial services across Global Markets, Corporate banking and Investment Management. Senior leadership positions with Deutsche bank, Barclays, Thomson Reuters and Oracle across risk management, technology and operations