IoT Applications – Generic Framework

IoT cloud solution to monitor and proactively manage Health and Safety compliance along with maintenance of connected devices/ equipment.


This IoT solution provides tools to control your application and monitor your company performance with real-time data. It has features such as flexible IoT cloud triggers, device location, real-time and historical device/sensor data access that can be tailored to suit customer needs.

The broad feature areas of the solution are-

1) 2-way telemetry that covers activity, device & environmental conditions, geo-location etc.

2)ML and rule-based monitoring of productivity with event/anomaly detection.

3) Comprehensive workflow management that covers asset & resource tagging, maintenance scheduling

4) Set alarms/triggers for Health and Safety compliance parameters

5) Dashboarding & Reporting to efficiently manage information usage and distribution

6) REST API services to allow real-time integration with ERP, General Ledger, Enterprise Asset management systems, Business Intelligence tools etc